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Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Our mind is a powerful tool in our wellbeing, but when used incorrectly our mental health can be drastically affected. A good place to start is by replacing bad thinking habits, with helpful ones, that promote positivity...

Mental Filter

When we dwell on the negatives and ignore the positives, only notice what the filter wants us to see to fit in with our beliefs and stories we tell ourselves about people and life.


When we blame ourselves, events, others, or the world for the problem, rather than gathering evidence or acknowledging the way our attitude or behaviour might have contributed to the situation.


When we assume that people will react negatively to something we say or do, even when there’s evidence

for this.


When we predict that a situation will turn out badly, perhaps based on a previous negative experience.

All or Nothing

When we believe that someone or something can only be good or bad, right or wrong, rather than seeing life in ‘shades of grey.

Mountains & Molehills

When we blow things way out of proportion (magnification) or shrink their importance inappropriately (minimisation).

Emotional Reasoning

When we conclude that something must be true because of the way we feel, for example, “I feel out of my depth, so I must be stupid”.

Compare and Despair

When we see only the positives in others and their lives and compare ourselves negatively against them.

Critical Self

When we only identify with our shortcomings, blaming ourselves with labels for events or situations that aren’t entirely our fault.


When a current situation triggers memories from a past negative event, leading us to experience the feelings we felt then, now.

Failure Loop

When we believe a new challenge

or the situation will end badly due to a past failure or negative event.

Shoulds and Musts

When we think or say “I should” or “I must”, it puts pressure on ourselves or others, leading to unrealistic expectations.

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