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With greater representation in the economy, more leadership opportunities and longer careers, 75% of women will transition through menopause in the workplace.  


Some sail through this transition but CIPD estimates that 20% leave their jobs because they are unable to share experiences with colleagues, or get the support or signposting they desperately need.

The context and demands that those transitioning through menopause face is more challenging than any other generation. They may be juggling the demands of elderly parents or children, alongside the pressures of work. Throw in poor sleep, brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes, low mood and a drop in confidence and it's no surprise that hormone imbalance at this time of life is a risk factor for burnout.

Why Partner With Us?

Over The Bloody Moon work with a range of organisations who want to join us in becoming Menopause Trailblazers.


  • A collective of qualified, menopause specialists

  • Corporate experience, global cultural understanding

  • Innovative, memorable menopause services

  • Able to scope & implement a menopause roadmap

  • Impact-driven, transformational results

We provide a range of engaging, innovative workplace menopause services to break the taboo, remove the muddle, cultivate conversations and ensure appropriate guidance is in place.

Our Services

Clapping Audience


Education and empathy workshops, comedians and speakers, for all employees

Memorable and interactive

Includes projective techniques 

60 mins or longer 

Includes internal comms



Individual support for those transitioning through menopause


Transformational Approach

- Health Coaching

- Menopause Coaching

- Executive Coaching

Working Remotely


Menopause Mentors  programme for key contacts in your business

Online Course / Live Classroom 

Identifying tell-tale Signs

Support & signposting 

Includes a digital handbook

Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 16.24.23.png

Group Programmes

Group support for leaders transitioning through menopause

Group coaching

Shared experiences

Learning together

Cultivating future role models

Green Goodness


Menopause management  for those transitioning through menopause

Led by menopause specialists

60 minute sessions

Evidence-based tools

Includes a digital handbook

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Support services for
HR, Women's Networks and D&I Leads


Menopause guidance

Internal comms

Surveys & focus groups

Data support for awards

Investing in Menopause is Good Business

  • Retains and attracts talent, skills and knowledge

  • Creates a balanced, more powerful team

  • Increases productivity  

  • Signals industry leadership

  • Reduces recruitment and tribunal costs

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