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Bored of brain fog?

Up to 60% women report memory problems during perimenopause or feeling foggy in the head as a result of poor sleep and night sweats. As we get older our circulation slows down, so less oxygen is circulated around the body and the brain. Additionally, as oestrogen stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain, the drop in this hormone slows down neurotransmitters and so our brains no longer work like they used to.

The good news is that there are things we can do to stimulate our cognitive function and ideas discussed as a result of extensive research by Annabelle Streets & @susansaunders in their book, @theagewellproject. The brain thrives with novelty so travelling to new places, taking on a new hobby such as learning an instrument or language, and engaging in creative activities all create new challenges for the brain but we have to engaged in new learning all the time rather than taking up something new and then repeating it. That’s because when we don’t run on autopilot, new neuro pathways are born and that’s when our cognitive function improves.

Stress and a good night’s sleep are also important for clear thinking but more on that in another post. So, what have you found most helpful in clearing brain fog for you?

A 90-minute workshop on Brain Fog plus other midlife relevant topics are now available on the website (link in the bio) for you to tune into, as well as the new 6 week Take Charge of Change course

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