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Our Story

Over The Bloody Moon was set up by Lesley Salem to support groups of women by informing and preparing them for perimenopause, based on scientific ways to self-care 


Many women are left stumbling in the dark, trying to work out why they’re not feeling right & what to do about it. Advice online or from friends can be inaccurate, based on one person's opinion, making it hard to know what to believe or do

Over The Bloody Moon removes the haze and gives you a choice of simple, practical, easy tips from leading clinicians & practitioners to help you enhance your physical & mental wellness, so you can make the most out of life, both now & for the future

We're on a mission to help women feel

Over The Bloody Moon

There's a lot of negativity around perimenopause and for most of us, it can be a tricky time. But armed with the right tools and outlook, we can embrace our change positively, as well as find ways to reduce symptoms & their impact on our everyday lives. It's much harder to improve our physical & mental health post-menopause, so investing now sets us up for a better quality of life in our later years

Our social purpose

We believe all women have a right to manage their menopause. We are looking for ways to make our programmes & workshops as accessible as possible, and relevant, so all women can "take charge of change". Profits are put aside in our Moonshine Fund, so we can develop and run free workshops for women in less privileged communities or with early menopause who don't have access to the support they so desperately need

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