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Each month we choose a theme or practice to help overcome common challenges experienced through perimenopause. 

If you'd like to view these, simply click on the videos below.

We'll continue to grow our library, throughout the year.


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"Sleep and Menopause".                      

Lesley Salem is a certified health coach, specialising in menopause and accredited member of the UK Health Coaches Association. 


In this seminar we learn how to increase our sleep drive, improve sleep association, calm a racing mind and discover practical hygiene tips and techniques to take away and put into practice.


Watch now.

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"Acupressure for Menopause".                      

Gemma David is an accredited acupuncturist and wellbeing practitioner who specialises in supporting women transitioning through menopause.  


In this seminar, she takes us through a workout using acupressure - releasing Qi to help alleviate common menopause symptoms and enhance wellbeing.


Watch now.

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