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Your wardrobe is your friend.

How we style, present and feel about ourselves can be key to negotiating the change of life successfully.

Many women entering their midlife transformation are juggling everyday demands together with perimenopause. Gaining an understanding of what is actually going on within your body at this time is incredibly helpful, as is seeking out advice on what support is available and useful lifestyle changes that you might consider adopting.

But one thing that can often be underestimated in all of this, is the positive impact that fashion and styling can have at this time.

Though your confidence levels might feel low and everything that you wear seems to be unsuitable for you, there are ways to navigate this transformational time in your life when it comes to your style.

A few things that make the whole process much easier on a practical level is

  • to know what you already have to play within your wardrobe

  • having a well organised, seasonal wardrobe is key

  • keep it to a manageable size so you can easily see at a glance what you have to choose from.

  • Store away anything that is not seasonally appropriate along with any duplicate garments that you might like to add back into your wardrobe at a later date.

By getting your wardrobe organized in this way, it will make it really work for you. Let your wardrobe become your friend and ally, rather than your enemy.

When an outfit really comes together and you get that confidence rush wearing it, take a photo of it and start to build a confidence look book.

This is a great tool to have on days when you feel uninspired but need a boost. Within your wardrobe, you have a valuable resource for conquering any confidence and identity issues you may face as you negotiate the change in your life. You will need to delve deep but the results will be significant.

Fashion is fun and inspirational, learning how to incorporate it into your own personal style and self-expression can be transformative.

this makes it much easier to style yourself and put great outfits together in a matter of minutes.

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