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Midlife Style and Transformation

Life is all about change and change brings with it, not only an opportunity but usually significant challenges.

Many women at this stage in their life find themselves struggling with self-confidence and identity. All of a sudden it can feel as if they are invisible and their voice is not being heard.

A sense of not belonging and losing sight of who we are around this time is really common. Self-confidence and identity are both key components in the overall challenge of any midlife transformation and understanding your style and getting your wardrobe working properly for you can have a really positive impact on this.

If managed well this can be a really liberating time of your life despite the physical and emotional wringer it often forces you through.

The process starts with understanding what your relationship with clothing and fashion actually is. Having the opportunity to articulate this can be very revealing but more importantly, making sense of this relationship is where the magic happens and your wardrobe and how you style yourself can start to give you the support and self-confidence that you need at such a transformational time in your life.

Everyone’s story is different, and like any relationship, the one you have with your wardrobe and the heady world of fashion is a good one to talk about and reassess from time to time. We all place some kind of emotional attachment to our clothes and how we look, and the functionality and sometimes dysfunctionality of this is really worth looking at.

  • Give yourself permission to spend time on yourself

  • Reassess current habits

  • Find your voice

  • Reshape your style into something that gives you the confidence and poise to be noticed in a way that feels right for you.

This will give you the confidence to step forward into this new phase of your life. For some women, this might result in a dramatic re-style but for most this will be about gaining a better understanding of your own personal style and how to move this on... a matter of rediscovering how to use what you already have to provide the scaffolding required for a more confident approach to taking charge of the change in your life.

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