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For those of us in perimenopause, the fall in testosterone to levels that are half of what it was in our 20's, creates space for us to focus on our own needs and wants. Use this shift positively to invest in self-care but also to discover new skills and talents. As we move into a new chapter of our lives, being able to enjoy new experiences helps us own our change and gives us the confidence that the future holds exciting opportunities for us, if we open our eyes and seek them out.


There are so many generous, talented people offering their services online for free right now, so today's challenge is to try or book a class with someone new or an activity you haven't done before. YouTube is a great source to access a variety of guided tutorials and classes. Alternatively, check out @digmefitness for HITT workouts, for mind, body and soul workshops, or yome and doyogawithme for yoga.  TheBreatheAcademy run 45 minute free mindfulness sessions, every Wednesday and Sunday evening or start the week with a free 15 minute meditation - NaturalOptiMUM is running an introductory 1 hour free essential oil workshop April 8 & 14 on eventbrite. If you've been thinking about learning a language, what better time than now. Apps such as DuoLingo, Memrise  and Livemocha use intuitive methods to accelerate learning. So, what are you going to try today?

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