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The best way to get the right minerals and nutrients into your system is through whole foods. But there are a few vitamins, particularly important as we transition through the menopause, that are sometimes tricky to get on a plate.

B12: It turns out our grandmothers were right (again!) - a little bit of dirt really is good for you. B12 is critical to your body - particularly in the menopause. It is most commonly found in soil and fresh spring water. Today, we’ve cleaned and sterilised life so much we often benefit from a boost in supplement form to hit our daily nutritional needs - particularly if we’re reducing meat consumption. B12 can help with sleep regulation, energy levels, supporting gut health and supporting your heart and brain

Vitamin D: Unless you spend all your time outside or live in much sunnier climes than the UK (although right now we too feel a tiny bit tropical!), a daily supplement is sensible. Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium. It also helps with mood, energy levels and sleep too

Magnesium: Grains and greens contain good amounts of Magnesium. But many women transitioning through the menopause also find taking it as a supplement or a topical spray helpful in reducing severity of hot flashes and regulating sleep. Magnesium is good for your bones, your heart and can reduce blood pressure and help regulate mood. Look for the Magnesium Glycinate supplements on your health food aisles; it is kinder to the gut and easier to absorb

Omega 3 from fish oil: For those of you not on a vegan diet, it is worth considering a high potency fish oil supplement. Do your homework and only spend money on the ones that have the concentration of DHA and EPA to make an impact.

With all new supplement additions to your diet, make sure you talk to a doctor, particularly if you’re about to have surgery, have an existing health condition, or are on blood thinners

Today's tip has been brought to you by @mpowderstore, a menopause community that is soon to launch the first range of whole food, vegan powders designed to support women through the 3 bio-chemical stages of menopause.

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