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Channel 4 put the Spotlight on Menopause

by Dee Sohi

Davina’s recent Channel 4 documentary, Sex, Myths and the Menopause, says ‘No more hiding!’ We couldn’t agree more. While some attempts have been made to address period shame - in the West and developing countries - menopause has been a veiled topic.

Until now.

‘I’m too young. I’m 44. I can’t be going through the menopause,’ Davina proclaims in the programme’s opening as she recalls the moment her hot flushes kicked in. Feelings of shame, embarrassment and being washed up are just a few reactions she lists.

The documentary’s goal was to smash the taboo. It’s definitely done that.

Menopause is Unsavoury? We Don’t Care

Davina was advised not to talk about menopause - the age and gender of the mysterious advisor isn’t disclosed in the documentary. Sharing truths about what affects half of the population is, apparently, unsavoury and ageing. But if millions of women are in the same club, why be silent on it? If we discuss menopause, we remove the stigma. If we admit bothersome aspects, we produce empowering and smart ways to manage them.

Especially in the workplace, a taboo is attached to menopause with women worried that admitting they need support will rock their job security and signal they are past it. Menopause ‘symptoms’ only become noticeable for a couple of years for most women and then after that, they return to being back in their stride. At Over The Bloody Moon, we want to make sure companies retain and support their talent whatever their transition experience.

Every workplace has its own culture. Some fantastic workplaces are encouraging a more empathetic approach to employees, with Women’s Network groups and initiatives to get those important cultivations going. We salute Marks & Spencer, Warner Bros, Mars, Unilever plus the other menopause trailblazers we've been working with, such as EMIS Healthcare, CMD London, Blake Morgan and Deloitte.

If you’d like to bring Over The Bloody Moon to help drive menopause awareness, training and support, get in touch:

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