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Everything You Need To Know About Dilators

For many women, vaginal tightness, pain, and discomfort can make engaging in sexual intercourse – and life in general – a pretty uncomfortable experience.

For some, seeking help for problems down there may seem awkward. Others aren’t sure if there is anything that can be done to help them find comfort and relief. Fortunately, there is a great women’s health product available to help women in a variety of situations: a vaginal dilator.

When you first see a vaginal dilator, you may be tempted to think of it as a sex toy or dildo. However, a dilator is a medical device that is built to help the vagina and pelvic floor expand in size and strength through therapeutic practice. Often made of medical-grade silicone or plastic, vaginal dilators come in a variety of sizes (think small tampons up to a banana or cucumber) to allow users to start slowly and build in size as their bodies respond.

Whatever the reason you have been recommended to use a vaginal dilator, it’s useful to start by learning how to use them. If you are not sure what your condition is, check out the applications of vaginal dilators and see which product is best suited for your needs.

Please note: These guidelines should be considered as general information about the use of vaginal dilators. Please consult your physician about your condition and follow his/her recommendations thoroughly.

When it comes to women’s health, there are a variety of reasons that your doctor may recommend and prescribe the use of a vaginal dilator. If you are experiencing issues with

tightening of the muscles preventing penetration

or pain and burning around your vagina,

your gynaecologist may recommend giving a dilator and therapy treatment a try.

Common reasons for using a dilator include:

  • An uncomfortable tightening of vaginal muscles called Vaginismus

  • Pain around the vaginal opening, often known as Vulvodynia or Vestibulodynia

  • A feeling of heat and burning around the vagina

  • Pain in and around the bladder, known as Interstitial Cystitis (sometimes called painful bladder syndrome)

  • Painful sex, also known as Dyspareunia

  • Endometriosis

  • Post-vaginal surgery requiring rehab

  • Any change in vaginal shape following childbirth or menopause

As with any medical condition, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist so that they can give you proper guidance and recommendations before running out to buy a new dilator!

How to get started with a Vaginal Dilator

Wondering how to get started using your vaginal dilator? Check out these tips and tricks to make the experience as comfortable and effective for you as possible.

1. Get Your Doctor’s Support Everyone has therapy or a product that they use that they swear by, but how do you know if it is the right option for you? When it comes to using your dilator, never take your friend or family’s word as the only truth. Instead, set up the appropriate appointments with your physician, who can walk you through the proper use of a dilator and the techniques that ensure you see the effects you need.

2. Set A Routine Like any other kind of therapy or rehabilitation practice, using your dilator must become part of your routine to begin seeing the positive benefits of the product. At first, it may seem odd to add “Use my vaginal dilator!” to your schedule, but eventually, it will become like any other part of your daily health and beauty habit! Consider finding a private, safe time such as immediately when you wake up, before sleep, or while doing a relaxing activity like binge-watching your favourite show on TV!

3. Clean & Prepare the Dilator The first step in using your dilator is to fully clean and prep the dilator before each use. Using warm water and approved soap, fully wash the dilator and dry it off before inserting it. The warm water will help make the dilator more comfortable upon use.

4. Find Your Space & Relax Once you find your space to use your dilator, get comfortable, and lie down on your back. Take deep, slow breaths that fill your belly and then allow full deflation on exhale – an exercise known as diaphragmatic breathing. This will lower your tension and allow your body to fully relax to respond to the dilator. Once you have given yourself a few minutes to wind down and relax, your body – specifically your vagina – should be ready to use your dilator and respond to the techniques.

5. Lubricate & Insert the Dilator When you are ready to insert the dilator, add a bit of water-based lubricant to the tip of the object to ensure that the insertion is smooth and painless. Lying on your back in a reclining position, bend your legs up in a way you would for a pelvic exam, and place the dilator at the vaginal opening. Continue to use your diaphragmatic breathing exercises as you slowly push the dilator into your vagina.

6. Allow Your Body to Welcome the Dilator Slowly Once the dilator is beginning to penetrate the vaginal opening, slowly continue to push the dilator into your vagina at an angle toward the lower back, rotating in a circular motion to encourage the dilator to move deeper into your body. If you feel any pressure or discomfort, stop and allow yourself to relax using your breath. Continue moving the dilator into your vagina as your body allows, going deeper as you can tolerate, and as the guidance of your physician encourages. After each session, gently remove the dilator and allow yourself to rest following the exercise. Wash the dilator and return it to its storage location.

Menodelight The Menodelight catalogue of women’s health products is made with you in mind. As a woman’s body changes over time, there are a variety of ways to keep sexually active and healthy with practices and routines that can help you live a healthy and fulfilled life.

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