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It’s time to remove the muddle from menopause! Always Discreet have teamed up with Over The Bloody Moon, a team of global clinicians and menopause specialists, to help educate, equip, and empower people through their menopause!


Despite millions of women experiencing menopause at some point, Two in three women feel unprepared and surprised by menopause.*

Information on menopause is confusing, conflicting, misleading and overwhelming.

With busy lives, who’s got time to trawl through the internet to work out what’s accurate?


Always Discreet are on a mission to redefine menopause to help you live your menopause, your way.

During this stage, you may experience bladder leaks, and Always Discreet are committed to ensuring women feel empowered to navigate their symptoms with confidence at every stage of their life - whether that be with their bladder leak products or by driving education on topics that society considers to be taboo.


Sign up for Over The Bloody Moon’s 4 FREE weekly one-hour, live Menopause Masterclasses, sponsored by Always Discreet, where you'll be:

  • Educated on the changes to mind and body during menopause

  • Equipped with practical tips and options to manage menopause

  • Empowered to put these tools into action


This event is open to anyone wanting to learn more about menopause - so whether you're noticing changes, "not there yet" or supporting someone else transitioning through menopause, we'd love to see you.


Remember, the first step to bladder leak improvement is always to seek help and consult a healthcare professional.

* "The Invisibility Report" by Gen-M, Oct 2020.

  • 1. "Demystifying Menopause" Masterclass ONLINE EVENT - WED, 01 SEP
    Everything you need to know about menopause, plus discover five Power Tools to help you thrive through this transition and beyond (including tips for weight and hot flush management. Facilitated by Lesley Salem, health and menopause coach, and founder of Over The Bloody Moon.
  • 2. "Removing The Haze in Menopause" Masterclass ONLINE EVENT - WED, 08 SEP
    Discover Power Tools and lifestyle adjustments to help you remove brain fog, improve sleep and manage night sweats, so you are ready for the day. Featuring Kathryn Pinkham, founder of The Insomnia Clinic, Over The Bloody Moon's Insomnia Advisor & Lesley Salem, OTBM's founder & menopause health coach
  • 3. "Pelvic & Sexual Health in Menopause" Masterclass ONLINE EVENT - WED, 15 SEP
    Learn about essential self-care rituals to improve your pelvic and sexual health in menopause, to set you up for today and the future. We'll be joined by Nicola Travlos, pelvic health physiotherapist & Over The Bloody Moon Pelvic Health Advisor; Dr Sharma and Dr Wright, sexual health specialists.
  • 4. "A Mindful Menopause" Masterclass ONLINE EVENT - WED, 22 SEP
    Learn how to manage your menopause and boost mental health, pick up proven tools, and experience a guided practice with Jo Kaye, our Mindfulness Advisor and founder of The Breathe Academy

Over The Bloody Moon's Masterclasses give you access to trusted specialists and their proven, practical tools for menopause management, enjoyed as a community experience.

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Masterclass 1: "Demystifying Menopause" 

Lesley Salem is founder of Over The Bloody Moon, a certified health coach, specialising in menopause, accredited member of UK Health Coaches Association and British Menopause Society. She also hosts Over The Bloody Moon's podcast, "The Change Makers."


Lesley is a menopause advocate, passionate about removing the muddle from menopause. You can read more about her story and Over The Bloody Moon, on our other website pages. 


Masterclass 2: "Removing the Haze in Menopause"

Kathryn Pinkham is founder of The Insomnia Clinic and Insomnia Advisor for Over The Bloody Moon. For the past 15 years, she has focussed on just one thing, helping people to sleep well, so they can live their life to the fullest.

She runs a 4-step online course called Sleep Well During Menopause through her clinic.

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Masterclass 3: "Pelvic & Sexual Health in Menopause"

Nicola Travlos has over a decade of experience in pelvic physiotherapy, working for NHS and  her own private practice, Invictus Pelvic Health. She is also Over The Bloody Moon's Pelvic Health Advisor.


She runs an online course to improve women's health and believes in integrating a holistic approach to maintain menopause health and wellbeing, in all spheres of life.

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Masterclass 3: "Pelvic & Sexual Health in Menopause"

Dr Angela Wright is an experienced GP, Clinical Sexologist and Menopause Specialist. She has trained in both psychosexual therapy and the medical approach to sexual dysfunction and is a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine.


Dr Angela Sharma is an experienced GP and runs her own NHS menopause clinic. Together they are co-founders of Spiced Pear Health, a clinic providing a holistic approach to menopause management and treatment of menopause associated sexual problems.

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Masterclass 4: "A Mindful Menopause"

Jo Kaye has been practising mediation for over three decades and is a qualified mindfulness coach and trainer.  She believes in enabling people to access their inner wisdom and find ways to live a calm and joyful life.  

Jo teaches the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) programme, runs mindfulness workshops, as well as one-to-one sessions at The Breathe Academy.