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To mark this year's Menopause Awareness Month, we commissioned artist, Angela Chick to create a universal symbol for menopause allyship.


Join others around the world to wear you badge, all year round to communicate solidarity and support for those transitioning through menopause or as a badge of pride for those in peri or post menopause. Wear on your lanyard or clothes. Great for Employee Resource Group members,  senior leaders, menopause advocates and partners of those impacted by menopausse.


The concept comprises of multiple elements of support that when they unite, form a mountain of strength. At the top of the mountain is an upside-down pink heart that represents support whilst at the bottom sits a small green M which represents grassroots advocacy. Those transitioning through menopause are represented with a turquoise M. The royal blue pillars are the 'cold' ovaries and the grey is the uterus, representing the end of fertility.


The colours are deliberately bold and positive to represent the power of coming together as menopause allies. Proceeds will be used to create free resources on the website, alongside our outreach programs. 

Mountain of Menopause Allyship pin badge

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