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Here are some resources to boost your knowledge of the menopause transition and make you feel more empowered about this time of life.

Is it Menopause?

It can be hard to know if the way you are feeling is down to hormones, or something else. 1 in 100 are menopausal by the time they are 40 (NHS).

This is a visual of associated menopause signs to help you work out what's going on. 

Doctor Office

Clinician Checklist              

If you're not feeling right and are experiencing menopause symptoms,  it's important to book an appointment to see a healthcare professional.  


This checklist helps you prepare and get the most out of your appointment, as well as spot any red flags.

Menopause Tracker    

Tuning into psychological, physical and cognitive changes gives us a sense of agency over our menopause.

This worksheet helps us spot triggers for our menopause symptoms and see how they may be inter-related. 

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Menopause Commandments

This checklist ensures you practice self-care, critical to thriving through this transition.

In addition, or as an alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy, we've pulled together tools to help alleviate or reduce common symptoms of menopause. 

This toolkit is useful for individuals, specialists, coaches, and healthcare professionals, as well as the person directly impacted by menopause.


Non-Medical Menopause Toolkit    

Recommended resources
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Recommended Resources

There are so many fantastic resources to support people transitioning through menopause or simply wanting to get prepared. Here are the ones we really rate.

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