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Want to be a menopause inclusive organisation?

  • Finding it hard to get men or those ‘not there yet’, engaged in menopause?

  • Signed the Wellbeing of Women Workplace Pledge and wondering what to do next?

  • Do you have poor shows on women’s health-related events?

  • Wondering how to get people managers to become menopause champions?

  • Want to become menopause friendly accredited?

Thanks to Yada Yada for creating this film and all our allies who feature in it.

MenoVest™ is the world's only menopause simulator, allowing people to experience disruptive physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms, associated with menopause.


This outerwear garment delivers intense hot flushes (as well as triggering brain fog, palpitations, headaches, anxiety and a loss of confidence) and is designed to be worn whilst performing typical work duties.

In just a few minutes, wearers can appreciate the impact symptoms can have for some, and the need to better support those colleagues transitioning through menopause.

MenoVest trials


A Media Success

As worn by MPs, broadcast presenters and celebrities in The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, BBC News, Sunday Morning Live, Women’s Hour, RTE, and BBC London.

Press Enquiries

Contact us for press enquiries.


Thanks to Pansy Aung for this film and inspiring us to develop MenoVest


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  • 75% of women experience hot flushes, even if on HRT.

  • Hot flushes are the most challenging aspect of menopause, after disrupted sleep.

  • Hot flushes trigger other symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog and loss of confidence.

We use MenoVest™ to highlight awareness of all the associated signs of menopause.

Source: Kantar & Over The Bloody Moon "Redefining Menopause" research, May 2022

Watch this video of Gracie at work, experiencing a hot flush and see how this impacts on her perceived performance

Thanks to Pippa Winn and students at Oxford Brookes University for creating this film.  

MenoVest workshop
Why hire a MenoVest™?


  • Promotes menopause allyship in the workplace.

  • Increases intersectional engagement and attendance to events.

  • Cultivates conversation and promotes curiosity around menopause.

  • Prompts a more empathetic response to colleagues impacted by menopause.

  • A helpful training tool to discuss impact of additional menopause symptoms.


​More than just the MenoVests, our OTBM Associates will deliver an award-winning legacy event that will achieve wide, reaching impact that includes:

MenoVest Trials 

​Pre-elect senior sponsors to wear a MenoVest who will receive a pre-briefing and overnight challenge, ahead of our session to get them into role play and we'll film their experiences and reflections.


We can also bring the MenoVests™ along to Wellbeing Days, congress, exhibitions, and other drop-in events for spontaneous trials

Menopause XPO

We'll help you facilitate a memorable, interactive event for all employees to learn more about the diversity of menopause experiences,  how to manage symptoms, and how people can be a good ally.


Supported with an Over The Bloody Moon trainer, we'll bring along: 

  • Two MenoVests™

  • Two roll-up banners: MenoVest™ and Menopause Symptoms

  • A hormone imbalance stool

  • Menopause Portraits pop-up display

  • 1 set of "Own Your Menopause" weekly challenge cards 

  • 1 set of Menopause Fact cards

  • A to E menopause allyship postcards

  • A5 flyers with findings from our quantitative study with Kantar



Menopause Allies Workshop
As part of The MenoVest Experience, we will deliver our 60-minute workshop, aimed at an all employees that covers:

  • Why menopause matters at work

  • The diversity of menopause experiences

  • Menopause allyship

  • Signposting and resources

  • Q&A

MenoVests are also available for bespoke senior leader meetings or to accompany our CPD accredited Menopause Mentors™ for People Managers / Ambassadors Live training.

over the bloody moon_no_background.png

The MenoVest Experience is award-winning!​

  • How

The MenoVest™ Experience is perfect for:


International Women's Day

Mental Health Awareness Week

National Inclusion Week

Menopause at Work Day

Menopause Awareness Month



Join us!


We are looking for menopause specialists to join our Global OTBM Associates Team (non-UK) to deliver The MenoVest Experience. 

We'd love to hear from you if you have corporate experience delivering training and workshops and a knowledge in menopause.



"It made me think that men have to be a lot more tolerant of women who are going through enormous changes. The banter 'You know, it's just menopause" has got to stop."

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, MP Chingford and Woodford Green

"For those who haven’t experienced the feeling of a hot flush, it is easy to underestimate its intensity and to appreciate just what an impact it has on daily life.  By simulating the sudden creep of heat, MenoVest™ will help wearers better understand the effect hot flushes can have."

Carolyn Harris, co-chair of The Menopause Taskforce, MP Swansea East

"Today's event was a really educational experience and made a lasting impression that will hopefully benefit my team and colleagues moving forward.

Paul Mazoyer, Head of Customer Support, The Heineken Company

"The MenoVest sparked a lot of great conversations and supported us to push the barrier around the the topic of menopause and educate our people in the moment."

Kyle James, Gender Equality Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Thanks to our menopause allies!


To hire a MenoVest™ or to learn more about how you can run a menopause event, click on the button below.

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