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Each month we choose a theme or practice to help overcome common challenges experienced through perimenopause. 

If you'd like to view these, simply click on the videos below.

We'll continue to grow our library, throughout the year.


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"Sleep and Menopause".                      

Lesley Salem is a certified health coach, specialising in menopause and accredited member of the UK Health Coaches Association. 


In this seminar we learn how to increase our sleep drive, improve sleep association, calm a racing mind and discover practical hygiene tips and techniques to take away and put into practice.


Watch now.

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"Acupressure for Menopause".                      

Gemma David is an accredited acupuncturist and wellbeing practitioner of The Quiet Heart. She specialises in supporting women transitioning through menopause.  


In this seminar, she takes us through a workout using acupressure - releasing Qi to help alleviate common menopause symptoms and enhance wellbeing.


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"Managing Mood in Menopause".                      

Meera Mehat is an accredited psychotherapist at Harley Street Consulting, NLP specialist and has many clients she treats who are transitioning through menopause.  


In this seminar, she explains the science behind mood changes and takes us through some practices that include peripheral vision, progressive muscle relaxation, and havening to activate the parsympathetic nervous system that helps to calm us.


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"Mindfulness for Menopause".                      

Jo Kaye is founder of The Breathe Academy and is an accredited mindfulness teacher.  


In this Masterclass, she takes us through the principles of mindfulness, how it can support the mind and body in menopause and then guides us through some practices that include 'Ten Fingers of Gratitude", STOPP and Three Step Breathing Space.


Watch now.

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"Nutrition for Menopause".                      

Emma Bardwell is a certified menopause nutritionist and co-author of "The Perimenopause Solution".

We learn how to use nutrition as a power tool to manage menopausal-related changes to our body and mind. Find out how to curb cravings, boost gut health, aid sleep and mood, reduce hot flushes and brain fog. 


Watch now.

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"Herbs for Menopause".                      

Pamela Spence is a NIMH accredited medical herbalist, soon-to-be-author, and regular advisor for brands and press.

We learn how to use herbal medicine to boost adrenal, liver and hormone health, as well as which herbs are best suited for comon perimenopause and menopause symptoms. 


Watch now.

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"Laughter Therapy for Menopause".                      

Lotte Mikkelsen is a leading laughter coach using immersive practices drawn from yoga and breathwork to help in menopause.

In this video, you'll pick up techniques that you can do anywhere - in the loos at work, on the sofa at home, or even in the car! 


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"Fire Up Your Happiness".                      

Matt Pepper traveled the world and spend two decades researching the secret of happiness. He has distilled his learning into simple principles that come from within, rather than relying on external circumstances that are in his book "Happiness, the inside job." Watch this Masterclass to discover brilliant insights to empower you through life and menopause. 


Watch now.

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