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Pro-active positive lifestyle changes go a long way in helping you thrive through menopause.


We've developed a range of practical menopause management Power Tools to reclaim your menopause, as well as merchandising to demonstrate allyship.


These prices are for individuals only. If you are an organisation wanting to distribute to your employees, contact us by clicking here.

Own Yor Menopause


Be an advocate


To mark Menopause Awareness Month, we commissioned artist Angela Chick to create a universal symbol to represent menopause allyship. This stunning hard enamel pin badge is 3cm x 2cm, to fit on any clothes or lanyard. Show others that you are proud to be a menopause ally and wear it to cultivate positive conversations. 



Own Your Menopause


We’ve seen first-hand the amazing transformation our community makes when they carve out a little space in their life for themselves. 


That’s why we’ve created self-care cards – a beautifully illustrated box set of 52 challenges to help you unlock your menopause, this year.  Our team of menopause specialists, authors and life coaches share their proven tools, easy to implement into your life, to help you boost your mood, brain, body, mind, sleep and mojo. We can’t wait to hear your stories and personal wins!

Self-care cards (1)_edited.png
Menopause cards

Thanks to Desislava Samichkova for her stunning illustrations.


How to Better Sleep.jpg

How to Sleep Better


In this menopause management workbook, you’ll learn why sleep becomes disrupted during perimenopause and postmenopause, and get proven tips and challenges to boost your slumber, shared by our team of psychologists and insomnia specialists.

Managing Brain Health


In this menopause management workbook, you’ll learn why cognitive function becomes challenged during our transition, the difference between menopause brain fog and Alzheimer’s and discover lifestyle adjustments you can make to improve your brain health. You’ll get tips and challenges from our team of nutritionists, coaches and neuroscientists.

Stressed Woman

Managing Stress and Mood


In this menopause management workbook, you’ll understand why looking after our mental health is so important during our transition, and hopefully feel that your experiences are more 'normal'. We’ll give you a range of tools and challenges to help you reduce stress and to boost or regulate mood from our team of psychologists, clinicians and coaches.

Managing Hot Flushes and Night Sweats


In this workbook, we share common triggers for hot flushes and night sweats, so you can begin to identify what may be yours.  We look at ways to control your temperature through harnessing the mind, relaxation tools, nutrition and other functional medicine options, all shared by our team of nutritionists, herbalists, essential oil specialists and psychologists.

Hot flush.jpeg
Weight Management.jpg

Managing Weight


In this workbook, we look at why many of us put on weight during menopause, and weight loss myths. We’ll learn how to move and eat more efficiently for this time of life, as well as ways to introduce habit change successfully. Proven tools and challenges from our team of nutritionists, movement trainers and habit change specialists.

Thanks to Charlotte Sage, Petal Designs for her beautiful designs.

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