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I'm Lesley Salem, founder of Over The Bloody Moon on a mission to remove the muddle from menopause.


I was one of the 10% who left their jobs because of menopause and as a result felt inspired to create a business that educates and removes the stigma of menopause at work, so those impacted can continue to thrive.  

With our team of menopause specialists, psychologists, and exec coaches and HR professionals, we provide a full suite of menopause services, memorable experiences, and digestible resources for  progressive organisations.

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We believe everyone transitioning through menopause has a right to take charge of their change.

Our paid-for services help us operate a sustainable business, funding free learning resources, monthly free Menopause Masterclasses, and podcasts, available for everyone. 

Menopause is not just a female issue but a topic that everyone needs to understand better at work because when your people thrive, so do the teams around them.

Menopause advocacy is at our core and we view collaboration in the female health sector as critical to getting our message heard. If you’d like to partner with us, or are a charity, organisation or woman in need, please get in touch!

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