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OTBM has a highly qualified and skilled team of Associates: doctors, psychotherapists, and corporate facilitators, ready to deliver our engaging and interactive workshops and training. 

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Lesley Salem is founder of Over The Bloody Moon and has been facilitating workshops and training for over two decades for a range of organisations.


As a certified health coach, specialising in menopause, Lesley brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to her awareness and training sessions. 

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James has a background in psychology, is an author and a midlife coach with a special interest in hormone health and midlife relationships.

James is a regular panelist and facilitator for our Andropause Masterclasses, and 'Menopause for Partners' support sessions.

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Jules has 20 years+ of HR experience under her belt, and is our go-to when clients wish to implement a menopause strategy, craft a menopause policy or an action plan.

Jules delivers our CPD accredited menopause training and workshops, as well as an assessor for our Menopause Friendly Workplace Accreditation.

Allison Lewin Headshot.png


Allison is a U.S. Client Services Director for OTBM. She has over 25 years in corporate Marketing and executive leadership roles. After experiencing her own challenging menopause, she decided to focus on helping others navigate their journeys.


She is a certified Menopause Champion and a Menopause Coach, leading our training and awareness sessions.

Karina Todd Headshot.jpg


Karina is our OTBM Client Director for Ireland and an accredited menopause expert. She regularly delivers workshops, panels, and training, as well as coaching.


Karina had a corporate background in accounting for over two decades before she retrained as a Women's Empowerment Coach. She has always had a special interest in women's health.

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Leila Carter is our Client Services Manager and makes thing happen at Over The Bloody Moon!

She is responsible for getting us set up as a vendor, onboarding clients, event management, and supporting our Menopause Mentors and Ambassadors. Leila ensures projects are delivered to our high standards of excellence.

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Orsolya is our Client Services Director in Hungary. She is the only menopause activist and menopause in the workplace trainer in Hungary.

She's author of "Everything about menopause", podcaster, and is a Board member of the Hungarian Menopause Society.

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Rebecca is an experienced exec coach & author, specialising in supporting senior leaders who are finding menopause / midlife challenging. Common issues include burnout prevention and leading with impact and authenticity. She has spent over two decades at EY where she was global director, mentoring & coaching. Rebecca is a welcome addition, bringing her knowledge to events.

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Meera is a qualified psychotherapist, supporting women through menopause and other common issues that can collide with this transition.


Meera has a host of tools she uses in our Menopause Management Masterclasses and is a charismatic facilitator for our education workshops, training & MenoVest activities.

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Carmen is a psychotherapist, supporting couples and individuals through the menopause transition. She runs her own practice in Munich and is our OTBM Associate lead for Germany. 


Carmen is a regular panelist on OTBM Masterclasses and is writing a book called Wise, Wild, Wonderful about the power of femininity in midlife.

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As well as being a qualified exec and mental health coach, Gemma is also a qualified acupuncturist, yoga & meditation teacher & sound bath therapist.


With over 20 years in training and leadership development, Gemma's warmth and positivity provides a balanced perspective to all her sessions.

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Vanessa supports clients on our supervised MenoVest Challenges where she oversees the safe use of our prototypes on-site, as well as co-facilitating on OTBM XPOs.


Vanessa has a background working with social impact organisations, and is passionate about improving people's outcomes in menopause. 



Janan is an exec coach, supporting senior C-suite women, transitioning through menopause, to feel more empowered about this time of life. She uses her 25 years of psychotherapy, CBT, and various accreditations to uncover obstacles to performance, in the context of individuals and teams.

Her style is direct  but is rooted in warmth & humour. 

Catharine Parker Headshot.jpeg


Catharine is a Canadian Client Services Director for OTBM. She has a background in recruitment & corporate training, so understands the importance of nurturing and retaining female talent impacted by menopause.


Catharine is a dynamic facilitator and her love for training, evident in every session. She has a passion for people, supporting DEI in the workplace. 



Are you outside of the UK and wanting to raise awareness of menopause in workplaces.

If you have a solid knowledge around the diversity of menopause experiences and have coach or trainer skills, please get in touch to apply to be an OTBM Associate in your region where you can deliver The MenoVest Experience. 

We also have a global network of speakers that include neuroscientists, neurodiversity specialists, nutritionists, anthropologists and menopause case studies that we leverage for our panels. 

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