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Welcome to The House, and our first room, The Reception. From here, you'll be able to visit different spaces to understand the science behind changes to your body, mind and heart, as well as discover and try out ways to improve your menopause wellbeing. We do recommend you start off in The Study to watch webinars to help you thrive through change. 


In each room, you can watch specialist videos, read a blog, or try out one of their tools. Click here to watch our House Tour video.

Medical Disclaimer

Whilst the website and our courses pull together latest thinking on ways to enhance women's health and wellbeing during perimenopause and beyond, this should not be considered as a replacement for medical advice. Over The Bloody Moon always recommend you see a healthcare specialist and throughout our website and courses, we signpost you to where you can seek medical advice. Before trying out any of the self-care tips, especially herbs, supplements and exercise, do check first with your GP if these are suitable for you.  Over The Bloody Moon does not accept responsibility for any subsequent consequences as a result of any reading, watching, exercising or executing any of the content on this website. The choices on how best to manage your perimenopause should also be discussed with a healthcare professional. Over The Bloody Moon will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of our online programmes, online videos, or information shared on our website.  This includes emails, newsletters and text.  Thanks for your understanding.

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