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Menopause Mentorsfor Ambassadors is aimed at advocates, Mental Health First Aiders, and colleagues within organisations who are on the front line of supporting those impacted by menopause. This engaging and interactive e-learning course allows learners can go at their own pace. 

This best-in-class, CPD accredited menopause training programme is available in English, French, German, Italian, Simplified Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

The course in structured in two parts. The first, guides learners through the legal framework and work context, as well as the diversity of menopause and how to recognise different personas, as this has implications for support. The second part, takes learners through our PAUSSE
action plan to equip people on the skills and knowledge they'll need to appropriately support colleagues directly or indirectly impacted by menopause.  

Available from The Winter in:


French, Italian, Castilian Spanish, Turkish, LATAM Portuguese and Spanish, and adapted for USA. 

Online Meeting
  • Ten modules with 12 hours of learning

  • Action Learning Tasks to encourage reflection and consolidate learning 

  • Real life case studies to build empathy

  • Menopause personas to identify different groups of ‘Menopausers’ and support needs

  • Supported with a cross-company Whatsapp community and regular, virtual meet-ups

  • Quizzes, Action Learning Tasks and checklists to consolidate learning

  • Downloadable toolkits and templates to share with managers, colleagues, and those impacted by menopause

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Mixed media that's accessible and inclusive to suit different learners.

Our minimum intake for Menopause Mentors is five people but for groups larger than ten, we recommend an onboarding virtual 45-minute session for new members to give an overview of the programme and create a shared group vision.

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To get started with Menopause Mentors contact us below.

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