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 Your Peri 

  • ​Are you wanting to find your why and how?

  • Do you want a body and mind that makes you happy?

  • Do you want to feel like you own and lead change?

  • Are you ready to be a Change Maker?

If you answered, yes to any of the above, we're a match!

Lesley Salem

My Approach to Health

I am a certified integrated health coach (with a distinction - my mother is very proud!) which means that when I work with you, I look at the whole picture to help you move towards your 'ideal life'. 

I'll help you identify resources you can harness, and create a tailored roadmap to better health and happiness with practical, achievable steps.


Life is interconnected, so it's important to explore and work on these different aspects to see positive transformative results. We'll delve into: 

  • What's going on inside? (e.g. learned behaviour, limiting beliefs, physical, mental, social self) 

  • What's going on around you? (e.g. work, relationships, pandemic)

  • What do you want to change?  (identify what you can change / how to change)


My Approach to Menopause

I am also a menopause coach. I can share with you the science of why you're not feeling right and give you options and a toolkit to manage bothersome aspects. I'll introduce and guide you to make lifestyle changes to help you manage your menopause. This may be hot flushes, weight, stress, sleep, brain fog, intimate health, skin and hair health, relationships or career - so you can embrace this transition and get back to feeling like you (even if that's a new you).

My Approach to Life

I adapt my style and approach, as we're all unique but some find my six step approach helpful:

  • Source: acknowledging what's not working for you and where you want to be heading

  • Step: moving into the unknown, addressing fears

  • Shape: being curious, experimental and open to trying out new tools and positive habits

  • Shed: saying goodbye to aspects of life and habits that no longer serve you

  • Story: finding your why, articulating your purpose and values

  • Shine: signalling change positively to others

All of the above will help you move to your 'ideal' life and with my support and tools, I'll show you that this time of life can be a remarkable one!

Transformative change is best achieved with six sessions but can be booked as individual sessions.

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One session: £100 / 60 minutes

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Six sessions (20% discount): £80/session

To organise your free 15 minute Discovery Call, please email me directly

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