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Menopause Workshops

  • Menopause Allies: a 60-minute interactive session to educate on the diversity of menopause experiences, develop empathy and up-skill the team so they can better support colleagues transitioning through menopause

  • Meet The Specialists: get access to our leading menopause specialist partners, from around the world, for memorable, talked-about, panel events

  • Menopause TALKS: we tease out real stories from people in your business on how menopause has impacted them, facilitating reflections, and igniting support

  • The M-Word: a 45-minute workshop, aimed at employment lawyers wanting to educate their clients on compliance and legal implications

"The OTBM workshop was a fantastic way of generating even more conversation and engagement with the issues surrounding the menopause in the workplace.  The workshop was expertly delivered and provided a great learning opportunity for everyone who joined.  As a result of the workshop, we have seen an increase in engagement from colleagues who want to find out more and learn how to support others, in their teams, their colleagues and family members, as well as having a greater awareness of some of the signs and symptoms to look out for.  The firm will be developing their approach further, as a result of the session, as there is a clear need to provide structured support in this area. It was a pleasure to work with Lesley in the delivery of the workshop, she is a fantastic speaker and facilitated an interactive and informative session in a virtual environment, which isn’t an easy task.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the topic, her materials are engaging and she was brilliant at answering the many questions that came up during the session." 

Catherine Wheatley, HR Director, Eversheds Sutherland.

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