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We help enhance every aspect of your wellbeing - physical, emotional, sexual and social. So whether it's managing sleep, stress or other perimenopause symptoms, how to eat and move well, or beauty, coaching and relationship tips, we've got it covered!

We know the research process can be confusing and time-consuming, so we've made it super simple for you. The House has different rooms for you to pick up self-care tips including The Study where you can put tools into action. Listen to Expert interviews and get inspired by hearing stories from other wise women on how they've navigated change successfully. Practice a workout, download resources, try a home practice. You'll be supported with our community in a private FB Member's Room and can drop into our free weekly Sister Shares - Zoom sessions to meet and chat other members. There's never been a better time to invest in you!

Your Perimenopause Self-Care Toolkit

When you sign up to The House, you'll have access to a broad self-care toolkit. Integrated health is a great way to manage the wide range of physical, emotional, & social symptoms we may experience through your perimenopause journey.  

Natural & medicinal can work well together to keep you in a position of strength. Discover & test out various ways to self-care from our comprehensive toolkit

Pop-up Workshops

Check out our Events page to find out what online workshops are available. 

These 1 hour sessions are a great way to delve into a particular topic of interest, facilitated by our perimenopause experts