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Nutritional Therapy: Penny Crowther

Rebalance hormones through personalised nutrition with Penny Crowther

Service Description

Penny is a leading menopause nutritional therapist with over 20 years in practice. Her mission is to help middle-aged women thrive through their menopausal years with practical and personalised nutrition advice, plans, recipes and coaching. She is registered with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council which ensures high standards of training. NUTRITION FOR MENOPAUSE Most of us know the basics of healthy eating. You’ve probably heard the often-repeated advice to eat a “balanced diet” and many people think they are following one. However, the concept of a “balanced diet” is too vague and unhelpful. Specific changes to your diet, targeted to you make all the difference. In addition, in the midst of the huge amount of information bombarding us about diet and the latest food fashions, it’s easy to get confused. Many women have found that the most effective approach to get clarity is to receive an individually tailored wellness plan to fit their particular health picture. And that is exactly how I can help you. WHAT TO EXPECT An 8-week programme with 3 virtual appointments (total 2.5 hours of consultation time) + treatment plans and recipes sent via email

Contact Details


London, UK

  • 1 hour
  • 330 British pounds
  • Online

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