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Initial Consult: Dr Ingrid Wilson

Service Description

Dr Wilson is one of the few medically qualified Trichologists (Hair and Scalp specialists) in the UK and is well regarded in the industry having written for a range of publications and presented at conferences. She has been a GP since 1999 and is still working part time in the NHS. INITIAL VIRTUAL CONSULTATION The initial consultation will assess your hair loss, identify the root cause and from this, you'll receive a bespoke treatment plan. BEFORE THE CONSULTATION You will be asked to complete a questionnaire You will need to send in photographs of your hair loss from the front, top, side and back views You should send any relevant correspondence from specialists or your GP. This includes blood tests. If you haven’t had any blood tests done, you can wait until the consultation so that the most appropriate tests can be recommended to you. WHAT TO EXPECT Between 30 and 60 minutes are spent finding out about your hair loss/scalp concern, its effect on you, your past medical history, medication history, hair care practises, nutrition and lifestyle habits to build up a comprehensive understanding of what might be causing the hair loss, alongside identifying suitable solutions. The final part of the consultation will be spent explaining what type of hair loss condition you have and give you options for managing this. You will receive a written summary report and treatment plan by email within a fortnight, following the consultation.

Contact Details


London, UK

  • 1 h
  • 120 British pounds
  • Online

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