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It was my eldest daughter's 17th birthday yesterday and I had been wondering how to make it special in lock-down. Turns out it was one of her best. Luckily she appreciates experiences more than material things and the day was packed full of meaningful gestures. Gift 1 - a morning family cuddle with the puppy in her bedroom. Gift 2 - a walk with us all in the beautiful fields and woodland that sit behind our fence. Gift 3 - a moving video made by her mates on what they love about her. Gift 4 - surprise social distancing visits sprinkled throughout the day. Gift 5 - a video birthday party filled with love from her extended family over a home-made afternoon tea. And so the list continues. Lock Down has decluttered life, making way for us to enjoy the simple but abundant pleasures that surround us. A gratitude mindset is going to be essential as many of us live off a shoestring. This involves being present in the moment, being curious and opening our senses to all that are around us. What are you grateful for today?

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