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There are a few reasons for why women don’t sign up for our courses with the most common one I hear being “I’m not there yet.” It’s a human tendency to resist making changes until we are at a point of distress. We tend to associate menopause as being in our late fifties and sixties and yet our hormone levels start dropping and fluctuating in our late thirties, for many of us. 1 in 3 women hit a brick wall with menopause, usually in their late forties when symptoms are multiple, frequent and severe and collide with the pressures of work and home life. These women talk about ‘losing themselves’, ‘being deeply unhappy’, ‘feeling isolated’, ‘lacking confidence’, ‘drowning in a wave of anxiety.’

However, 20% of women claim not to have any symptoms and guess what? They are the ones more likely to be proactive about their mental wellness, sleeping well, exercising daily and eating healthily, and dealing with change.

Here’s a question. If you were told you have diabetes and it would become debilitating over time without making some adjustments, what would you do? I’m guessing, you would follow doctor’s advice – change your diet, cut down on alcohol, maybe lose excess weight. So, why is perimenopause that is a certainty, any different? If we invest more seriously in our wellness once we hit 40, we are not only likely to cope with hormonal imbalance better but also set ourselves up for ageing well and making the most of our later years.

I understand that we are busy, under strain looking after our families, feeling financially insecure. This makes us focus on surviving rather than thriving. But with lock-down being extended, we’ve been given a welcome opportunity to consider our needs and re-evaluate our approach to health. One thing we can control is our wellbeing and the way we deal with change. By arming ourselves with knowledge, we can better ensure that we age well, rather than feeling dragged along. So, which would you rather choose – a rocky road (not the biscuit variety!) or to make your midlife rock?

Check out the website for details on what HALO’s online 4-week course covers or register interest / get in touch at

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