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Welcome to Day 12 of Un LOCK-IN your change!


I was shocked to find that an average woman post menopause not doing anything proactive to manage hormone balance loses up to 30% of her skin's collagen - meaning our skin starts to dry out, sag and get wrinkly. As our oestrogen levels and progesterone start to fall in perimenopause, we suffer from dehydration effects. The first place we are likely to notice this is our face which may start to look dull, dry and sometimes red. But it's not just our facial skin that suffers from dehydration. Vaginal skin thins, dries and is more easily irritated. We may start to get more headaches, feel tired, become constipated or suffer from brain fog. But don't despair. There's a free and easy way you can help and that's by upping your hydration levels each day to 2 litres. This will plump out your skin & boost your hydration levels.


Kick start a daily hydration ritual

  • Start the day with a warm glass of water and a slice of lemon to invigorate you as soon as you get up to help kick start your metabolism

  • Drinking little & often is better for you than gulping down big glasses of water all at once

  • Create a new drink as soon as your glass is empty - use it as a mini-break

  • Drink at least 7 glasses of water or water-based tonics throughout the day & early evening – add in mint, ginger, lemon, turmeric, cinnamon, orange or honey to add flavour & goodness

  • Avoid drinking anything 1 hour before bedtime, as this can aggravate your bladder or trigger night sweats

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