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Welcome to Day 19 – Un LOCK-IN your change


Surely any exercise is good for us, right, especially as we head into our forties and fifties?

Turns out not. Here are a few surprises I discovered when speaking to fitness experts

  • Doing high impact exercise when you are stressed or anxious elevates cortisol levels and can actually cause weight gain

  • Doing high impact exercise when you have your period can cause long term adrenal fatigue, meaning you will crash in the second half of your cycle, the Luteal phase

  • When we hit our forties and fifties, moderate exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes is more efficient than exercising 2-3x times for an hour

  • Declining oestrogen means we have lower muscle mass, so it’s important to invest time in weight-bearing exercises and strength training

  • You can over-exercise – women that do high impact / cardio exercise daily switch off their hormone production as the body works harder in other areas

  • Avoid exercise after 7pm, unless it’s restorative / meditative if you are a bad sleeper


  • Mix up activities to keep you motivated and meet your varied needs

  • Introduce a 30-minute HIIT into your exercise routine – the rest interval in between exercise helps burn fat and reduces weight gain more than endurance training

  • Weight bearing exercise is important to building muscle and bone mass

  • Restorative yoga, tai chi and other gentle movements slows down the breathing & reduces cortisol levels to help us then introduce moderate cardio into our routine (brisk walking, cycling, jogging)

  • Balance exercises, such as pilates and yoga help strengthen our core & pelvic floor muscles

If you like this tip and would like to learn more, please sign up to our online HALO course by registering interest to: #takechargeofchange

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