We're on a mission to help the world feel Over The Bloody Moon about being a woman at this time of life, whether your menopause is early, induced or natural.


With all the negative perceptions, misinformation and lack of awareness leading up to and through menopause, we want to give everyone the education, tools and positivity women need to embrace, lead, and own their change. 


We spread the word, informing the world about perimenopause - for women, their family and colleagues. Our engaging classes & workshops are designed to develop empathy and support around this time of transition.


Self-care is Self-Love.

The House is packed with films, resource and tools to help you thrive. We motivate and coach women to introduce positive new habits that will set them up for a better now and future.


Women thrive when they are supported. Pre-Covid, we ran face-to-face sessions. Now we connect with women around the world online where we share stories and experiences. We have private forums for those in The House and on Our Take Charge of Change programme.