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Menopause Mentors is an engaging and interactive online training course to equip employees on how to appropriately support those impacted by menopause. The programme has been developed with the input of our team of menopause specialists & executive coaches and is CPD accredited.​​

Online Meeting
  • Ten modules with 8 hours of learning

  • Action Learning Tasks to encourage reflection and consolidate learning 

  • Real life case studies to build empathy

  • Menopause segmentation to identify different groups of ‘menopausers’ and their support needs

  • Resources to signpost ‘menopausers’ to specialists and services

  • Quizzes, Action Learning Tasks and checklists to consolidate learning

  • Downloadable resources to share with those impacted by menopause

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Mixed media to be inclusive and suit different learners

Menopause Mentors Graduate is an optional virtual or face-to-face session for new Graduates to share learnings and insights and forge alliances with other Menopause Mentors

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To get started with Menopause Mentors, you can purchase our course right now via the following link: