There are 4.3m women transitioning through menopause at work which represents the fastest growing group of workers in the UK. As well as natural perimenopause which begins in the early 40's, younger women may experience early menopause due to medical conditions, treatment or surgery.  Perimenopause can be a difficult time when women are coping with the demands of work and home-life, alongside poor sleep, brain fog, anxiety, hot flushes, low mood along with other aspects. Recent research from CIPD shows that 3 out 5 women feel unhappy and unsupported at work in regards to menopause

Investing in menopause is in everyone's interest 

  • Reduces menopause-related absenteeism

  • Increases productivity 

  • Retains staff 

  • Demonstrates positive role modelling 

  • Reduces risk of tribunal cases

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