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Our 6-week live group coaching programme is designed to help you manage your perimenopause, create transformative habit change, as well as make you feel excited and positive about life now & in the future.

Our groups are capped at 8 for an intimate dynamic and safe space. Weekly sessions are 90 minutes to give you enough time to talk & share.


This is a 5-star programme which took a year to develop with integrated health experts, including cognitive behavioural therapy, nutrition, movement, functional medicine, supplements, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, HRT & non-hormonal options


Transformation is achieved in 6 steps: 

Source: acknowledging what's not working for you & setting goals

Step: moving into the unknown; addressing fears 

Shape: being playful and testing out new tools and habits

Shed: removing bad habits & thinking

Story: defining purpose, articulating your why

Shine: signalling your change to others

Our programme is tailored to the groups' needs but covers:


Demystifying Menopause - HRT & Other Options - Sleep Training - Managing Stress -
Removing Brain Fog -  Body Matters (physical & sexual symptoms) - Navigating Change

We give you lifestyle and evidence-based tools to work alongside HRT or as an alternative that include movement, nutrition, CBT & NLP principles and mindfulness. All our content is developed with menopause specialists and abides by British Menopause Society and NICE guidance.



You'll complete a questionnaire that helps us identify your priority needs and the way you like to learn. 

Image by Green Chameleon