Removing the Muddle from Menopause

Working out how best to manage your menopause can be confusing, overwhelming and hard to know what information to trust.


At Over The Bloody Moon, we work with leading menopause specialists around the world to bring you curated information with proven tools of the trade, so you have a range of options to choose from.


There's no one size fits all, and because the menopause transition is a dynamic one,  it means we have to continually tweak self-care and treatment. 


Mind and body are interconnected, so approaching our wellbeing holistically, is key to menopause management. 

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We believe that every person has the right to menopause education and support, so they are informed and armed to feel like they are owning and leading their change.

That's why we've teamed up with Always Discreet and for the month of September, are bringing you free, weekly 60-minute Masterclasses to boost your mind, body, and mojo, facilitated by our team of menopause specialists. 

Too many are unprepared for menopause, so these sessions are as much for those who 'aren't there yet', as for those looking for ways of improving their menopause experience.


So spread the word, come with your friends, partner or family, and register on Eventbrite whilst tickets are available.

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Take Charge of Change!

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Be Educated, Equipped and Empowered!

Each week, we'll be taking you on a whistle-stop tour of menopause wellbeing, explaining the science and triggers behind physical, psychological and cognitive changes before sharing strategies that can help manage and alleviate bothersome aspects.


The sessions will be led by founder of Over The Bloody Moon, Lesley Salem, a certified health and menopause coach, an accredited member of British Menopause Society and UK Health Coaches Association, along with women's health clinicians and menopause wellness practitioners.

These interactive Masterclasses are a unique experience to learn, laugh and share. 

What's On

September 1st.      Week 1: Demystifying Menopause 

In our opening Masterclass, we'll be looking at the dynamic experience of menopause and the opportunities this transition can bring. We'll look at the  stages and types of menopause and how the impact of five key hormones may affect the mind and body. We'll share five menopause support pillars to help people thrive through this transition and leave you with some tips for managing weight.  By the end of the Masterclass, you'll have a better understanding of menopause and be armed with ways you can manage changes to help you thrive through this transition. 

September 8th.    Week 2: Removing The Haze (Managing Sleep, Night Sweats and Brain Fog)

This week, we’ll look at the common malaise of disrupted sleep and pick up proven strategies on how to achieve a good night’s slumber. We will learn how to manage night sweats and pick up tips to remove the brain haze and fatigue. We’ll look at how we can shift our daily habits to promote wellbeing, during the day and night. You'll come away with practical tools to help you retrain your brain and boost your energy.

September 15th.   Week 3: Intimate Health (Pelvic and Sexual Health)

In our third week, we’ll reveal the tell-tale signs of poor intimate health such as incontinence and vaginal atrophy that affect 60% women post-menopause. We’ll discuss the importance of taking care of our pelvis and vulva-vaginal area with practical exercises, habits and products to help us get on with our daily lives.  Our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Nicky Travlos, founder of Invictis Health will be on hand to give us a pelvic floor demo, using the KNACK approach, along with Q&A for Dr Sharma and Dr Wright on libido and other intimate health issues.  By the end of this Masterclass, you'll be more equipped and motivated to practice intimate self-care to help you alleviate incontinence, urinary tract infections (UTI's) and vulva/ vaginal irritation.

September 22nd.     Week 4: A Mindful Menopause (Stress, Low Mood, Hot Flushes)

In our final workshop, we’ll take a deep dive into mental health and look at ways to harness and feel more in control of menopause. We’ll share a range of tools (including cognitive behavioural therapy, essential oils, nutrition, movement, and herbs) to help calm down the nervous system and boost mood. Featuring Jo Kaye, founder of The Breathe Academy, and mindfulness practitioner, we’ll practice paced breathing, and a guided meditation.  By the end of this Masterclass, you'll feel more centred with an array of practical, quick ways to calm your nervous system.